Camping & Arrival

The Camping Committee believes that the “outing” in Scouting begins with camping, and to that end it is our intent to provide the best possible experience for our members. While the ideal campout generally has plenty of room to spread out, cook meals over an open flame, and a roaring campfire to sit around. At ScoutFest, we are challenged to provide a camping experience
for a large number of members in a limited space with many restrictions. As a result, and to ensure the best possible experience, and a safe outing for all, there are many rules that must be followed. By providing this information in advance, you can make your plans to guarantee that your Unit is prepared and has a great time.

There are two different types of camping available at Pt. Mallard: Tent camping at the provided Campground and RV camping in the RV site. RV camping is on your own to reserve through Point Mallard. The following information pertains strictly to tent camping.

Camp Size

Depending on the size of your unit at time of registration, your unit will be allotted either a single 25×50 grid, a 50×50 grid, a 75×50 grid, or for an extremely large unit, a 100×50 grid. Not all grids are useable due to the topography of the campsite.

It is important to understand the size of your assigned site and plan accordingly. It is highly recommended that you practice laying out a campsite that will fit in a 25×50 or 50×50 grid, which the majority of units will be allotted.

Please understand that your registration fee includes four (4) meals for those camping. As a result, there is no need for any cooking in your campsite, nor any need for tables. No vehicles will be allowed in the camping area and this includes trailers. After study, it becomes apparent that it is very easy to camp up to 25 persons in a 25×50 grid when only tents are required and all other gear is eliminated. For those arriving early on Friday, it is encouraged that you bring your dinner or have other plans in place.

Arrival Process (For Campers)

Upon arrival at Pt. Mallard, your unit will be greeted at the chapel on the main road. Units will need to arrive intact, which will You will be asked for your Unit Number & District Name. Once this information is confirmed, you will be asked to proceed to the Drop Zone. This will be the first left turn into the parking area for the Driving Range and it will be manned with personnel directing traffic. Please obey all directions. You will be directed to a “drop area” to quickly unload your backpacks/gear. As soon as

your gear is unloaded, the drivers will be directed to parking. A Camping Staff person will then help orient you toward your campsite and we will have staff in the field to assist those who get lost or need assistance.

It is imperative that you camp ONLY in your assigned site. This is for security and safety reasons in case you need to be located or you have late arrivals or Saturday morning arrivals joining your unit. Please respect all boundaries and keep your site in your grid(s) as assigned, maintaining roadways and showing respect for other campers.

All Units arriving on Friday evening will be parked within the park as close to the campground as long as space allows. On Saturday there will be no vehicular traffic allowed past the Chapel except for shuttle buses. So if you are a camper and planning on arriving on Saturday, you will be carrying your backpack/gear either from remote parking sites or onto a shuttle bus and then from the bus stop to the campground. Plan accordingly.

Helpful Tip: use a backpacking style pack to easily move your gear into and out of your campsite.

It is the goal of the Camping Committee to accommodate the needs of all our units. If for some reason a unit knows it will need to exit the campground on Saturday, please be sure that this info is included in your registration material so we can park you accordingly. We expect to have thousands of Scout throughout the park all day Saturday and we want to eliminate as much vehicle traffic as possible for safety reasons.


  1. The following restrictions are being posted now to prevent any misunderstandings at ScoutFest and to allow you to plan accordingly:
  2. All campers are to arrive on Friday evening. There will be NO vehicle traffic allowed into the Park on Saturday for safety reasons and if you arrive to camp on Saturday, you will be carrying your gear a long way from off-site parking.
  3. There are ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES ALLOWED, of any type in the campground. This includes stoves, fireboxes, grills, etc. and No Cooking. This is not only a safety issue with campers being in such close proximity to one another, but it is also a condition of our Use Permit from Point Mallard. There is one exception: Units can use a small propane or butane stove to heat water for coffee or other beverages provided the stove is not in contact with the ground.
  4. There will be no vehicles allowed in the campground. This includes trailers. No personal golf carts/transportation vehicles are allowed in the campground. The only vehicle traffic allowed will be staff vehicles to assist handicapped or for emergency response. Please pack your gear/ backpacks accordingly as you will have to carry all your gear to your site from the drop zone.
  5. Quiet Time will be observed beginning at 11:00 PM each evening. Please extinguish all lanterns/lights and keep noise to a minimum, respecting those fellow campers around you.
  6. Use roadways provided and do not cut through campsites.
  7. Use port-a-lets (not the woods) and keep in mind that Cleanliness is a point of the Scout Law. Show respect for others who enjoy Point Mallard Park.
  8. Camp only in your assigned area and stay within the set boundaries.
  9. ID bracelets must be worn at all times. The campground will be monitored at all times and individuals without proper ID will be removed from the campground.
  10. The Campground must be vacated by 11 AM on Sunday. When leaving, please be sure to practice the Leave No Trace Principles and leave your site better that when you arrived.

General Information

The camping staff looks forward to hosting you while at ScoutFest. If you have any questions or need assistance if any way pertaining to Camping, please feel free to contact a Camping Staffer. If they don’t know the answer, they will have the ability to radio the question forward to Camping HQ for a proper response.